Home Microdermabrasion VS In-Office Treatments


Which Microdermabrasion Is Best For You?  

Microdermabrasion in a clinical setting has tremendous benefits for the "patient" but requires several appointments and quite a sizable budget.  

Can microdermabrasion at-home, that you do yourself, provide the same benefits and give you the same results as these professional appointments? Keep reading for the comparison and the lowdown on what home microdermabrasion can do for you.


In researching for this article, I found a number of articles and forums comparing Home Microdermabrasion to In-Office treatments and the In-Office treatments won because they are mostly being compared to topical "microdermabrasion" creams. Furthermore, these articles that are in the top 5 positions of my Google search were more than 5 YEARS old! The Home Beauty Tools market has exploded in 5 years and looks nothing like it did when these articles were written. It appears that I have stumbled upon a very, important topic that needs updating so that you, dear reader, are properly and currently informed. 

First Of All, What Are The Benefits Of Microdermabrasion Treatments? 

Microdermabrasion treatments provide deep, yet safe, exfoliation that is beneficial for general skin health. When you have a layer of dry, dead skin on the surface, fine lines and wrinkles are accentuated. Texture is dull and uneven. Oils get trapped beneath the surface and make you more susceptible to blackheads, whiteheads and acne breakouts. The cumulative effect of these complaints are that you look more tired (and older) than you really are. Nobody wants to look worse than they feel! Here are just a few of skin issues that microdermabrasion tackles:  

  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles 
  • Large pores 
  • Mild scars (including acne scars) 
  • Sun damage 
  • Hyperpigmentation

Watch this in-office microdermabrasion demonstration and detail of features and benefits of a microderm treatment as well as what to expect after treatments.

*Trophy Skin is in no way affiliated with the dermatologist or aesthetician featured in the video above. This video is for informational purposes only.

Why In-Office Treatments WERE Better  

Many people are confused and believe that microdermabrasion is just an exfoliating scrub. In reality, companies like Trophy Skin have introduced quality beauty tools to the consumer that closely mimic office or spa treatments. The truth is, home microdermabrasion systems have been available for over 5 years now. Several years ago, you could buy a microdermabrasion machine to use for personal use, but it used those messy aluminum oxide crystals that potentially caused more harm than good, in the form of clogged pores and breathing in the fumes from the crystal “dust” during treatments. The first diamond-tipped microdermabrasion machines began entering the home-use market about 5 years ago. These machines were amazing, but the motors quickly clogged and were no longer effective. Savvy consumers became addicted to performing microdermabrasion themselves and began purchasing professional knock-off versions of microdermabrasion machines. The problem with these devices is that they didn’t have failsafe measures in place to keep a novice user from causing potential harm to themselves. This is the need that Trophy Skin solved in the home beauty gadgets market...Consumer Safety AND Effectiveness.

Before & After Results of 6 Week Clinical Trial Using Trophy Skin Home Microdermabrasion Systems


Fine, Wrinkles, Creases  

Tone, Texture, Crepiness  

Texture, Discoloration, Pore Size



Head-to-Head Comparison 

The PROs and CONs for both Professional and Home Microdermabrasion Treatments are outlined below. Now, you can decide for yourself what is your best option. If you are still not sure if microdermabrasion is for you, then I recommend you try a professional treatment just once. After that, you may very well find that you love it and will choose to invest in your own machine to use at home.


Professional Office Treatments PROs  

  • Trained Professional - Licensed Dermatologist or Aesthetician will perform your treatment  
  • Treatment Plan - professional will recommend a treatment plan for your specific skin condition (which usually includes several treatments over a few weeks/months  
  • Pamper Yourself - you can just close your eyes and rest while the professional works Prestigious - It's glamourous to go to a spa for treatments  
  • Consultation for other beneficial treatments - a professional will consult you to the benefits of chemical peels, injections and more and how they can specifically help you.  


  • Cost ($100-$150 per visit)  
  • A minimum of 6-12 ongoing treatments required for any real change 
  • Have to schedule appointment during office hours which may not be convenient for you 
  • Too costly to treat more than one area - most microdermabrasion treatments are limited to the face or a specific problem area  
  • Time of treatment is around 1 hour  
  • Skin sensitivity may last for 24-48 hours

In-Home (D.I.Y) Treatments PROs  

  • Investment (For the cost of 1-3 professional treatments, you own your own system) Treat yourself on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home  
  • Splurge on yourself without the guilt of spending so much money from your family’s budget  
  • Less downtime - less aggressive treatment means you can have microdermabrasion up to 1-3 times per week  
  • Treat neck, chest, feet, hands, anywhere without additional expense  
  • Full face, neck and chest treatment in just 5 minutes Safe and easy to DIY  



  • Each treatment is not quite as strong as a professional treatment, because it is safe enough for anyone to use
  • Limited by your own due diligence - it can be easy to procrastinate if you do it yourself Train yourself, practice makes perfect  
  • Less relaxing than having someone else give you treatments


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